THE DEUCE by David Simon and George Pelecanos


Can I get a few minutes? I'll be ready again.
One ticket, one ride.
You want to go again? It's only 30 for the second go.
The room's already paid.

I don't have 30.
We already all pooled what we had.
It was my birthday today.
Yeah? Well, happy birthday to you.

Doesn't seem fair.

Fair? You barely had to do anything.
And it costs just as much as someone who takes longer.
What do you do, Stuart? 

I'm in school.

What's your daddy do? 

He sells cars.
He's got a dealership.

And that's his job, right? Someone comes in, knows just the car he wants, 
doesn't dick around, doesn't need a long test drive, doesn't argue about the color or whatever, 
does he give him the car for less? Does he pay less than the guy who comes in, takes forever, 
gotta drive five or six cars, talk about radio, the whitewalls, everything else before he's done and 
ready to buy? No. He doesn't give the easy customer two cars for the price of one, right? 
This is my job, Stuart.

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