‘Untold Horror’ Trailer: Directors Uncover the Films They Never Made

If the latest “Friday the 13th” reboot setback has taught us nothing, it’s that for every horror film made, hundreds more were doomed to die on the development vine.

A new documentary series will explore these horror films that never hit the big screen for a number of reasons ranging from an unwieldy budget, a studio losing faith and more. In “Untold Horror,” you’ll hear first-person interviews from the likes of George Romero, John Landis, Takashi Miike and more.

The series will also include recovered footage, early sketches, concept art and more materials from the unmade film’s early days. For example, Romero cites how he made “Jacaranda Joe” in a documentary style but the film was lost. Apparently, “Untold Horror” helped find it. Watch the trailer at:



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